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My story has images about my region and the beauty of love which is for the area I live in as well as the love I have for my boyfriend who is in the photos. He has permitted me to use the images as apart of this assessment.

The music over the images has been retrieved from Soundcloud. It seems to fit what I am trying to portray across perfectly. Although, I found it challenging to stay within the time frame; trying to juggle getting it to 60 seconds and having gone over by 2 seconds – I think it was the audio that made it go over time. I found overall the whole process to be easy and time-less.  was great taking photos and using them to tell a coherent story with sound on top.
The imagines were of the Lake Hume in Albury/Wodonga which is the border of NSW and VIC and where I currently reside.
I would describe my story as sweet and I am feeling very smitten at the moment which is why I choose the style of story which relates to how I feel.

I used iMovie – which was a simple editing program.

I have permission to use the Music from – which was in the sources available on assignment 3 help on BB





Dear another absent father.

He was waiting for you to call, but another call was missed. He looked at me and asked “Where’s daddy Mummy” and another tear was shed – you make this easy to forget you as you have never been there – but a mere four-year-old who longs for a man, a man he calls dad, the man he hardly knows. My heart breaks for him, yet again.

He got mad at me when I couldn’t answer why you weren’t around – now he doesn’t ask at all, and you wonder why.

I want to tell you about the mix of anger, sadness and disappointment you have created in our lives. The absolute roller-coaster you happen to drag us through, when it’s convenient; because it suits you.
I want to tell you about everything you have missed and everything you have lost because you choose too, not because you are forced too.
I used to feel sorry for myself, sorry for being a single mum, raising this little boy on my own. But I realise it’s you who should be the sorry one.

I’m sorry you don’t get to see how truly amazing this little boy is every single day, sure you see photos or a quick video; sometimes, a visit sometimes more- but it’s simply not enough, and you just have no idea how incredible this little boy is. You can’t name his teacher or his best friend; you don’t know his favourite food or favourite colour. You wouldn’t have a clue because you are an absent father.

You’re missing the tantrums and the slamming doors, yes there is good and bad – well, we are human after all.
You’re missing the sleepless nights and the fights, snotty noses and a dirty face, coughing and sneezing and cuddles in place. Struggles to get him bathed and ready for bed, Arguments over veggies and ice cream instead. You’re missing the what, who’s and why’s and you’re missing being curled up with him in the cold winter nights. You’re missing out on reading his favourite book twice and watching cars 3 for the hundredth time. You’re missing out on being his best friend and being smothered in kisses. The laughs, the tickles and attitude, you’re missing out on it all, you’re missing him riding his bike and discovering new things: dirty hands and stained clothes. Sometimes, nothing at all. You’re missing the good, bad and ugly and seeing him grow. You’re missing the scrapes on his knees and all the beautiful things that follow.

I shouldn’t get so upset over you, but you have proved over and over you can’t be trusted. I have lost my complete sense of self-worth to you, still to this day. I’m exhausted and tired. And yes, he is absolutely cherished and adored, he is clothed, washed and looked after and it it’s such a reward; but understand, a little boy so precious should know his father loves him and thinks about him every day, too. He needs to hear it from you often and to be shown with actions and effort.
Fathers were created to play the role of a protector. Fathers are meant to provide, nurture and guide. Sadly, this is not the case with you, and for that, I genuinely feel sorry for you.
Always know that we will be okay, even if you show you don’t care. But also know that a day will come when he asks the questions ‘why’, I hope you have the answers because I don’t know what I’ll tell him. In the end, while he hurts. You’re the one only missing out. Gosh, his beautiful, courageous and strong just like his mummy – where he belongs.

You’ll look back one day, and it will surely break your sorry heart.

Forgiveness is the comfort within your heart.

We want the peace forgiveness offers; we want the release. We want the madness in our brains to settle down yet; we still can’t seem to get there.
I’ve been there, where you are now. I’ve felt every inch of spite, I’ve read every blog about learning to forgive, and I’ve watched countless videos on how to control anger, I’ve thought of every answer to the problem, I know it all, because I couldn’t count just on myself to move on, I needed to endorse every bit of advice, from whoever would give me their time of day.

And it took me years to not only forgive you but to forgive myself.
Forgiveness seems like the ultimate betrayal of yourself, you don’t want to give up the fight and feel a sense of yourself derailing as you hold on to that little bit of anger, you would avoid forgiving just to have that little bit of control that they did you wrong and you in no shape or form need to apologise for their actions.

Forgiveness takes courage, strength and power. The anger burns through you, and the hurt you’ve endured makes the fight a little easier to not give up. You want those to feel what you feel, and you want to inflict the hurt upon them, it seems easy enough. To continue in life holding a grudge a little longer. I know the feeling.
But here’s the thing about anger, it lingers around you. It is an empty emotion. An emotion only visible to those who want to see, the flash of fire in our eyes; A burn in the most profound depth of our souls, Anger shows your ugly side and is a reaction to an underlying problem. Anger feeds on your emotions, and eventually, if you let it, it will destroy you.
Let me share something with you all; forgiveness doesn’t need time; it’s take a choice.
I’ve said it way too many times to count, and you probably have also. “It’s going to take me a while to forgive … “ or “ I will never forgive that person for what they did too me” I realize now, reflecting on who I was, I put so much negative energy into not forgiving someone because they did me wrong. I thought my pain was my power, but my pain was pulling me deeper and deeper into someone who I was not. Well it doesn’t work like that because If you let it, the hurt will control your life!

You have the power to forgive; you have the strength to be in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions.
I forgive you, not because what you did was right or honorable but because I can’t hold on to it any longer, in many ways you may have hurt me, but you’ve set my heart free.

I regret holding on to the hurt, longer then I needed too. I wish that the lessons that I learnt, I could do it all without the pain… Wishful thinking, but in the midst of it all. I learned a lot about myself, who I am, where I want to be. I had experiences that I would never change, laughs that I will never want to un-laugh, smiles that I will never want to un-smile, gifts that I never want to return, and moments that have literally taken my breath away, I learned to love and be loved in return and yes, I got hurt. But the beauty of life is this too shall pass.
So, I pray whoever is reading this that, you choose to forgive; have the courage to be brave enough to forgive those who may have hurt you and forgive those who didn’t mean to hurt you, I hope you forgive knowing that they may never deserve your forgiveness, but do it for you, for you need to rid yourself of the pain and suffering you’re facing, Understand that when you bring peace to yourself, you’re walking away with a little bit more strength than you may have had before, forgive gracefully, for you long for the happiness that it offers.

An Open Letter to the Man Who Set Me free

Dear, you,

This is just one last simple letter.

One letter that holds pieces of my pain and my faith.

You have my broken heart, but you have not broken my love I have for myself, for no one can, not even you.

Today I have decided to walk away. From you, from this love and your selfish ways.

I love you, I would do anything for you, and I have shown you I would… Would have, because I no longer will.

You have shown me; you are the man I did not fall in love with, you have shown me people change, you my love, you have changed. Perhaps you have out-grown me, and my love I can give you. I will never know what the answer is because you never communicated to me why you were giving up in the first place. I think it’s time for me to start understanding you are now one of those people that no matter how hard I try, you will always be out of my reach.

Nevertheless, you have shown me you will not put in the same effort as I do to you.

You have shown me you are not capable of the sacrifices I was making to be with you. You have shown me you do not deserve my son and I. You made this choice as I desperately tried to get you to talk to me, you ignored my wants, my needs and most of all – you are not sorry.

Therefore, here are a few words to a man I no longer know.

Let me start to explain what it feels like to be told you are beautiful in every way and will always be taken care of. Let me convey the emotions of seeing you again and feeling every inch of my heart be handed to you on a silver platter for you to take. Let me express the emotions I am going through right now when you have done nothing to reassure me you still want this. Let me tell you how hard it is not to call you when you are the one person I want to speak to after a hard day when you are the one person I long for when you are on my mind constantly when you are the one person I want to spend every day with. Now let me reveal how much hurt I feel when you ignore me when I have to not only drag myself through another goodbye, but I am dragging my son through too who so desperately wanted his mummy to be happy with the man she’s in love with.

I cannot formulate these emotions into words the same way I cannot describe the feeling of you changing your mind so quickly because you are ‘conflicted.’

The difference between you and I is that when I said I would be willing to do anything for you, I meant it. And, now I feel like a fool who you’ve had stringing along since the start. Was this all a test, did you want me to feel what you felt, why, I will never understand.

Am I mad at you? No way, I could and never will hate you. You have done what you felt was necessary, but for that, I will not fight for you any longer. I probably will allow a few more tears tonight in your honor, and I perhaps will shed a few more when someone reminds me of you, or something for that matter. But slowly and surely I will be set free. It is OK. I will be OK because the love I can give is strong and true and you will never know just how far I was willing to go. I will never be sorry for the person I am, and I will never be made to feel like I am not enough for you because one day you decided to wake up and ignore me because you felt like it.

With love,


One more chance

I know what you’re thinking when you read this and that’s perfectly okay.

But there was always this little bit of me that was never going to walk away – despite the circumstances, I tried… for the most. And then there was always this big part of  me saying follow your heart. By now you should know that when I say I’m going to do something I will. I’m kind of impulsive, you know.  For each of you who have played your role in my life – I thank you for standing by me, for your positivity and compassion, from the beginning through to today.

So here I am; 20 something Sophie on my next leg of love… again. Only now I am traveling across the world to him.

For you, you may know it’s been 1 year and 6 months since I last saw him. For me, too long. For you, you won’t get why this is important to me and I certainly don’t expect you to try.

There are so many emotions I am going through right now – I’m blessed I have been given this second chance at seeing you. I’m not sure what will happen next. But there is no fear when faith exists.

Right now, and for the last couple of months; and for the first time in a long time I am letting go of my worries. I am moving forward. I’m not going to look back and continue wondering ‘what if’ or try and change something that has already happened. For me, if two hearts can’t forget each other after this long they were never meant to part in the first place. Well guess what. I am taking that leap of faith. Taking control of my life and moving forward with what I’ve prayed each day, hopefully – you by my side and after everything – I still love you as if it was only yesterday we said our goodbyes.

One way or another only time will tell, and I will cherish the new memories made from this day forward.

See you soon A.

Lingering souls in love

His lips are like sweet berries, and his cologne is as strong as midnight sex. His eyes are big and daring. I’m looking straight into his soul.
His body is firm. Olive skin, and perfectly fit. His hair is a deep brown; perfectly cut shaping his face. I let my hands sweep through his hair, slowly tracing the side of his cheeks. This man, is perfect I think to myself weary-eyed, so emotionally beautiful and nothing could ruin this moment, our moment. I take an instant photo, and the flash blinds my eye site. Smile I say, poking his ribs; he hates pictures.
His touch is soft and gentle, but yet strong and seductive. He is a man. My man. His breath is like a steaming hot bath as it brushes the side of my neck. Goosebumps cover my body. Snap again- he squirms for me to stop taking photos of him. I shake it for the print to show up. Perfect, I’m never getting rid of it. He smiles- grabs me and kisses me passionately. Sophie, stop taking photos of me. Again. I giggle, smile and trace our fingers together. I feel warm, yet it’s freezing in the room. He stops and looks me straight in the eye – a moment so heavenly than followed with uncontrollable laughter. I can’t help myself. I kiss him again, and then we lay there, our limb bodies nestled in one another; in sweet, blissful tranquility.


Only me.

One more try.

I’m wondering if you ever think of me?

It terrifies me knowing I still love you this much. I feel so vanruable.

I’m on a train in Melbourne on my way to University, first day.

I can hear people sniffling, it’s cold here. The door opening and closing as people leave and enter, all these people have a story just like you and I. I’m so god damn tired it’s 8:30am and I had a mere 5 hours sleep. The lady across from me has her eyes closed, I wonder that if like me she is also tired. I can smell aftershave and too strong scents of perfume. It makes me feel sick.


Too late to turn back now.

I haven’t contacted you for a couple months. I haven’t felt the need too. Does that mean I’m moving on? If that’s true why does everything seem so difficult.

I’m scared of love now. But still needing something to set me free. Are you free A? Are you going after what you want and would you be mad at me for going after what I want?







I read this article that apparently you only fall in love with Three people in your life time. Three people, well if that’s the case you’re my third and it dawns on me you’re my last, foremost.

I don’t want to find love again.

It’s been a year today, did you know?

I keep trying to rewind time back to when we first met. These memories have consumed me now and I’m forced to re – live each moment every day when I’m constantly reminded of your presence, every song on the radio has become our song. Each song breaks my heart all over again. And I’m made to turn the radio off. I still have your cams, I haven’t washed them and they smell like you, they hide in my closest for days where I really need you. So many tears are left.

I look to god, he has got me through each day. Faith is all I have left until I choke on the last remains of you.

I’m afraid I may never rid my self of this heartbreak.

It never ends.

Happy 12 months and what seems like a life time.

I miss you, still.

You are you

You are a constant reminder that life is too short.

A reminder that I will cherish for years to come

You are you, strong. I admire you for the battle scars and wars you’ve had to go through but your courage that is what makes you, you.

You are enough, never below, never above. A beautiful reminder to a loving soul.

You are reminder that the love we shared was a once in a life time love. Completely absorbing and a life that is not dark.

You, are my love, my soul mate but most of all a constant reminder that’s left to stay.

Where do broken hearts go?

As the sun sets, I’m sitting here, tears soaking my face. Will I ever see you again? It’s bittersweet how I’m feeling, and I wonder if I’ve made the right decision, my heart says no – my head says, you’ve got this Sophie count to Three, and as I begin to count to Three, it happens again, the feeling of heartbreak.

I’m asking myself when will the pain go away, I know though it won’t. Because it’s only just the beginning and as I write this I wonder, where do broken hearts go? Do they heal themselves and then we start over because I feel my heart has not been completely healed.. I’m thinking too much now.


I feel numb.



Calm, silence falls around me.

Three… Anxiety, something I can touch – clothes… there’s clothes on the ground. Something I can smell – a candle on my bench…


I’m dreaming of a better day, any day but this one please god and I’m struggling to understand all of this.

I’m struggling.

I still ask myself when will this pain go away. It’s only been two months.

Two months.

I’ve been through this before, every feeling. I’ve felt it. Only this time, it’s on me.

It. Doesn’t. Get. easier

I’m choosing to eliminate my feelings, and that’s okay. I have done it for a while now – pushed everyone away, including him The one person I said I wouldn’t push away.

My heart is broken.



It starts with you

It started with you.

I will never forget how our love started – the moment I met you.

We honestly crossed paths at the right time; it’s what we said from the beginning.

Right now you’re somewhere in the world, and I am here struggling with losing you. I never wanted this to happen between us. It was never my intention to push you away from me.

I loved every part of you, your flaws, your kindness and your ability to love me whole-hardheartedly when I thought no one would.

I will walk this path, without you in my life. And it terrifies me to know you won’t be by my side. I took advantage of you and your love. My ego beclouded my very sense of reasoning. I choose to follow the negativity in my life, and I felt too angry to grasp the depth of pain you felt. You were struggling to make me understand, and I did not see it due to my selfishness.

What I thought was a painful see you soon turned in to goodbye and a loss that will take a lot to mend. I’m sorry for making you have so much doubt, sweetheart. I’m sorry for giving up on us.

I asked a lot of you thus I know where I went wrong – and one day I hope you can forgive me as right now I’m working on forgiving myself.

I may not have all of the answers, but I know one thing to be real. You are my soulmate. You made every inch of my soul happy.

Above all, one day I will see you again.

I’m going to miss you.

It started with you and ended with me.




I love you because,

You found me, you actually did.

Somehow we were meant to be in the exact same place, at the same time. We were meant to meet that night. I’m forever grateful

We loved each other instantly. Before we had even began something, we made plans I invited you as my date; to meet my friends, we laughed, we knew.

You accept me. You love my flaws and let me be me when I’m with you. 

You show me you, you opened up to me and let me in your life, you let me in to see your fears, your dreams, your mistakes and I fell in love with every story you tell.

Your laugh. I love that I make you laugh, I love how we laugh together.

 Because when we argue it’s never escalates into something horrible, we both know we wouldn’t let it. 

And how you apologise if you’re wrong.

How we could be together all night and as soon as you leave I miss you like crazy.

Time is never enough with you.

I love the way you tell me I’m like no other you’ve experienced before.And I believe you, I believe it all.

I trust you with my life, i trust you with my son.

I know I’m safe with you.

And would protect me with your life.

I love how much you care, about your family and how you call Aaron and i your family.

I love the way you look at me and caress my face. The way your touch makes me nervous and your kiss gives me butterflies. I never want the moment to end. 

I love how we are a team, the power couple as you’ve said; you finish of my sentences and  know exactly what I’m thinking.

We balance each other out with our differences.

I love that when you’re with me, you’re completely absorbed in me.

How you call me out when I try to make you jealous or push boundaries.

How you say you’re fine for me to do something but I know really you aren’t and you don’t want to come across as ” that boyfriend ” as you say but I know you love me so much.

I love how you allow me to put my cold feet and hands on your body because you’re so warm you are my own personal blanket. I love that I keep finding where you’re ticklish and how you try so hard not to laugh.

I love the way we connect when we make love, the way you aren’t selfish and want to please me.

I love imagining our future together, you me, vivie and Aaron and more children.

The possibilities that are endless and nothing seems too difficult.

How when I act a little crazy you never say I’m annoying you.

I love the way you catch me watching you and I look away, put my hair behind my ear and smile like a school girl.

I love how we can be together and not speak but both know that this is right. 

I love that I met my soul mate who lives across the world.

Did I mention, I love you because you love me and I love you.