Slideshow COM127

My story has images about my region and the beauty of love which is for the area I live in as well as the love I have for my boyfriend who is in the photos. He has permitted me to use the images as apart of this assessment.

The music over the images has been retrieved from Soundcloud. It seems to fit what I am trying to portray across perfectly. Although, I found it challenging to stay within the time frame; trying to juggle getting it to 60 seconds and having gone over by 2 seconds – I think it was the audio that made it go over time. I found overall the whole process to be easy and time-less.  was great taking photos and using them to tell a coherent story with sound on top.
The imagines were of the Lake Hume in Albury/Wodonga which is the border of NSW and VIC and where I currently reside.
I would describe my story as sweet and I am feeling very smitten at the moment which is why I choose the style of story which relates to how I feel.

I used iMovie – which was a simple editing program.

I have permission to use the Music from – which was in the sources available on assignment 3 help on BB





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