We fell in love again in October

Though I never stopped loving you, I am feeling blessed that I’ve been given a second chance at falling in love with you all over again.

We waited 547 days and I finally had the chance to kiss those sweet lips of yours.

October 2018.

Our first night together, do you remember? You were so upset you couldn’t greet me at the airport but that didn’t matter because it all went away the moments we first saw each other, the way you looked, the way you embraced me, the way you smelled, the way you had to pinch yourself because we couldn’t believe that I was really there. I wanted to kiss you so bad, in that moment but I was so nervous. did I ever tell you that?

My red tired eyes and exhausted body from my 30 hour flight was nothing of sort to scare you away and when you took your hands and brushed my face teary eyed; you were the most handsome man I’ve ever come across and I wanted to live that moment over and over again. Our lips finally meeting after so long apart and suddenly the world stopped and everything felt right. I was home. For you are my home and all my problems, worries, fears and frustration melted away because of you my darling. beautiful, wonderful you.

One month together and the days went by, slowly at first. But, soon the days slipped into weeks and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye a second time around and now I couldn’t ever stand to let you down again. I love your daughter just as much as I love you and it will only grow stronger for she deserves this too. What we’ve longed for all these years. A family, you, me and Vivie and Aaron and I can only dream I get to give her that life I so desperately can’t wait to experience with you.

I wish for you to be the one that I get to hold onto eternally in my arms, I wish to be your best friend, your protector and women you can trust with all your heart, I wish to make you happy every step of the way, or at least try. I want to experience life with you, to  hold your hand in marriage and to grow old with you through whatever life throws at us. Most of all, I love when you look at me. You see me, who I am to myself and not the world. You look into my soul with all your passion you have, you know exactly who I am, my fears, my worries, my fails and you never doubt me. You treat me like a woman and you make me feel whole and safe. I want the good and the bad, I promise. I want to wake you up with coffee each morning even if you are horrible to wake up, I want to hold you in my arms if you’ve had too much to drink and convince you I still love you and no I don’t hate you because you’ve been drinking, I want to be the woman you call at 0400 in the morning just to tell me you love me even if you forget about the time differences. I want to make your heart skip a beat each time we talk and even if we don’t talk to just enjoy what we’ve built and what we will continue to build each and every day. I want you through the distance even if it’s hard because I need you beside me, walking hand in hand to where we are meant to be.

And, no, I don’t expect this to be easy there are going to be times where we can’t stand each other and there will be jealously, frustration or miscommunication and we may argue over petty things. But, we didn’t meet for no reason and we didn’t come back together again just to break up all over again, I prayed for this. I longed for this and through tears and what may be thrown at us. I am not going to walk away from this.

I miss you every day, but it’s okay because there’s nothing better in the world I could think of and when I think of you, I dream of our future and each day that goes by is a day closer to that. Happiness and pure bliss.

So, you see you’re the one for me, the only one that ever will be.

And I love you, so much.


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