It starts with you

It started with you.

I will never forget how our love started – the moment I met you.

We honestly crossed paths at the right time; it’s what we said from the beginning.

Right now you’re somewhere in the world, and I am here struggling with losing you. I never wanted this to happen between us. It was never my intention to push you away from me.

I loved every part of you, your flaws, your kindness and your ability to love me whole-hardheartedly when I thought no one would.

I will walk this path, without you in my life. And it terrifies me to know you won’t be by my side. I took advantage of you and your love. My ego beclouded my very sense of reasoning. I choose to follow the negativity in my life, and I felt too angry to grasp the depth of pain you felt. You were struggling to make me understand, and I did not see it due to my selfishness.

What I thought was a painful see you soon turned in to goodbye and a loss that will take a lot to mend. I’m sorry for making you have so much doubt, sweetheart. I’m sorry for giving up on us.

I asked a lot of you thus I know where I went wrong – and one day I hope you can forgive me as right now I’m working on forgiving myself.

I may not have all of the answers, but I know one thing to be real. You are my soulmate. You made every inch of my soul happy.

Above all, one day I will see you again.

I’m going to miss you.

It started with you and ended with me.