I love you because,

You found me, you actually did.

Somehow we were meant to be in the exact same place, at the same time. We were meant to meet that night. I’m forever grateful

We loved each other instantly. Before we had even began something, we made plans I invited you as my date; to meet my friends, we laughed, we knew.

You accept me. You love my flaws and let me be me when I’m with you. 

You show me you, you opened up to me and let me in your life, you let me in to see your fears, your dreams, your mistakes and I fell in love with every story you tell.

Your laugh. I love that I make you laugh, I love how we laugh together.

 Because when we argue it’s never escalates into something horrible, we both know we wouldn’t let it. 

And how you apologise if you’re wrong.

How we could be together all night and as soon as you leave I miss you like crazy.

Time is never enough with you.

I love the way you tell me I’m like no other you’ve experienced before.And I believe you, I believe it all.

I trust you with my life, i trust you with my son.

I know I’m safe with you.

And would protect me with your life.

I love how much you care, about your family and how you call Aaron and i your family.

I love the way you look at me and caress my face. The way your touch makes me nervous and your kiss gives me butterflies. I never want the moment to end. 

I love how we are a team, the power couple as you’ve said; you finish of my sentences and  know exactly what I’m thinking.

We balance each other out with our differences.

I love that when you’re with me, you’re completely absorbed in me.

How you call me out when I try to make you jealous or push boundaries.

How you say you’re fine for me to do something but I know really you aren’t and you don’t want to come across as ” that boyfriend ” as you say but I know you love me so much.

I love how you allow me to put my cold feet and hands on your body because you’re so warm you are my own personal blanket. I love that I keep finding where you’re ticklish and how you try so hard not to laugh.

I love the way we connect when we make love, the way you aren’t selfish and want to please me.

I love imagining our future together, you me, vivie and Aaron and more children.

The possibilities that are endless and nothing seems too difficult.

How when I act a little crazy you never say I’m annoying you.

I love the way you catch me watching you and I look away, put my hair behind my ear and smile like a school girl.

I love how we can be together and not speak but both know that this is right. 

I love that I met my soul mate who lives across the world.

Did I mention, I love you because you love me and I love you.